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Perl programming

Perl is an multi purpose programming language. A scripting language for faster development of effective programs.

Perl is used for a wide range of tasks including system administration, web development, network programming, and GUI development.

With Perl you get access to the tens of thousands of extension libraries of CPAN. There you will find many tools that will make many difficult programming tasks child's play.


Depending on your desire and previous experience with Perl we can offer various courses:

  • Beginner course in Perl 5 
  • Advanced course in Perl 5
    Hands-On with a parallel installation of a new Perl 5 instance, new and modern Perl 5 functionality, Object Oriented programming (including Moose, Mouse), writing web applications with Mojolicious
  • Advanced course with Perl 6 (Hands-On with Rakudo)

Seminars with Damian Conway 

Together with Hochschule für Technik, FHNW we also organise courses with Damian Conway, an entertaining and brilliant speaker about topics in Computer Programming, Technical Presentation Techniques, Perl, and much more. Program and Registration: Seminars 2016.


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