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Open Source

Both in systems management as well as for software development at OETIKER+PARTNER AG we count almost exclusively on Open Source tools and libraries. It is important for us not only to benefit, but also to contribute. Over the years we have implemented a number of Open Source projects.

Whenever possible we try to let code from customer projects feed into Open Source projects, often as patches submitted to the authors of the software. Sometimes it is also possible to publish complete applications that we have developed as part of a customer project. The most prominent example is the Extopus software in use at UPC Cablecom.

Open Source software is often associated with individuals. Our most prominent person in this regard is Tobias Oetiker. He is the main author of our Open Source products. In 1994  he laid the foundation for our Open Source Portfolio with the software MRTG.


You want to use open source software in your organization and need commercial support?

We provide services for installation, configuration and customization of the software as well as 3rd level support.

O+P OSS projects

Open Source is an integral part of the software infrastructure of most companies. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Most smart phones are powered by Open Source software and the vast majority of websites is running on Open Source software.

At OETIKER+PARTNER AG, we use almost exclusively Open Source software, both in our daily work and in customer projects. However, we are not only consumers of Open Source software, but we have made ??contributions to various projects in recent years and published our own projects.


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