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O+P OSS projects

Open Source is an integral part of the software infrastructure of most companies. Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. Most smart phones are powered by Open Source software and the vast majority of websites is running on Open Source software.

At OETIKER+PARTNER AG, we use almost exclusively Open Source software, both in our daily work and in customer projects. However, we are not only consumers of Open Source software, but we have made ??contributions to various projects in recent years and published our own projects.

Case StudiesCase studies

A program for simulation of ammonia emissions from the excretions of animals on a farm. A web platform, allowing power plant operators to analyze their measurements of power quality and to compare them anonymously with the data of the competition. Our own IT infrastructure as an example of a complex system of hardware and software. A web application that allows business customers of UPC Cablecom to analyze their network traffic.

The range of solutions implemented by OETIKER+PARTNER AG very broad. We have described some of them as case studies.


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