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System Management

We have just renovated our website. Unfortunately, not all the pages are translated yet. Please refer to the German version of this page in the meantime.

Setup and Operation

We can assist you and your employees with customized system management solutions on Linux (Debian, Ubuntu, Redhat, SuSE), Solaris, OmniOS, and Windows.

Diskless Linux systems

Powerful workstations with local graphics performance, booting of a centrally-maintained file server that thus can be updated even when switched off.

ThinClient / ThinLinc

Terminal server solution for thin client based Linux workstations.

Windows Infrastructure

Design, installation, configuration and operation of Windows work environments based on Windows Terminal Server and thin clients.

Virtualisation with KVM

With the open source KVM virtualization solution, all options are open, even after the project start. With OmniOS or Ubuntu Linux as the base system, we operate appropriate servers under Linux, or Windows OmniOS according to your requirements.

Storage / OmniOS / ZFS

ZFS, developed by Sun Microsystems,  is a powerful file system for use on servers and data centers. The integrated functionalities for RAID, volume management, error protection, compression, deduplication and backup allow easy management of even complex configurations.


Postfix Mail Server

  • Setup, configuration, installation, and operation
  • Implementation of extensions

Software Packaging

We create software packages for Linux (Debian / Ubuntu and Redhat), and OmnisOS according to your requirements for installation and distribution.


Ansible ist der Industriestandard bei der  Verteilung von Software, der Orchestrierung von Infrastruktur und der zentralisierten Verwaltung von  Konfigurationsdaten.


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