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Case studies

Here we describe some projects which we could implement for and with our customers. Please contact us for more detailed information.

More about Agrammon

Ammonia volatilization from animal excretion in agriculture is a major source of loss of nitrogen, which must be replaced by the supply of fertilizer. On the other hand, ammonia emissions stress the environment.

The Agrammon web application is a simulation software for users in research, agriculture, and government.

More about Nequal

In Switzerland measurement campaigns on power quality are carried out every year by the Association of Swiss Electricity Companies (VSE). These week-long series of measurements are carried out by each of the participating power companies. The results are transmitted to the VSE and after further processing integrated into a report.

More about the O+P IT infrastructure

Whenever possible we use in our daily work the same systems and concepts that we recommend to our customers. In this article we describe how our IT infrastructure is built.

More about Extopus

In addition to their retail business UPC Cablecom in Switzerland also offers Business Internet Services.


REQUINATOR is a requirement management software tailored to the specific needs of projects in  railway industry projects.


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