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Software Development

After computers being omni-present for almost 30 years one could assume that there was software available for everything and everybody. However, due to the rapid development of IT technologies new possibilities appear regularly. Problems that seemed impossible or would require a super computer are now easily solved. 

Old software which evolved over many years is often more expensive to maintain than costs of re-engineering the whole system with modern technologies. Even more so when the original software design was based on now long out-dated assumptions about requirements and boundary conditions.

Internet Applications

Although running in the browser they are fast and feel like locally installed programs. With HTML5 and JavaScript we implement complete applications that run in the browser and communicate with the server only to transfer user data.

Database applications

Development, maintenance and operation of server-based multi-user database applications that can be queried and manipulated from any location via your web browser.


When IT systems evolved over many years, maintenance becomes increasingly complex. If they also no longer meet the needs of the organization, in the long run re-engineering is often a more sustainable solution.

Glue Code

In programming, glue code is code that does not contribute any functionality towards meeting the program's requirements, but instead serves solely to "glue together" different parts of code that would not otherwise be compatible.

Glue code is often used when two or more existing applications must be integrated into an overall system.


Development and maintenance of scripts to automate repetitive tasks, such as in system management, data processing and in website maintenance.


Implementation of your graphic design in HTML5 compliant templates, including JavaScript programming.

SilverStripe CMS

SilverStripe is a highly customizable Web Content Management System CMS. It has been designed from group up to be as generic as possible while providing excellent development support. So that applications can be built with amazingly little effort.

Request Tracker Extensions

The OpenSource Request Tracker RT does not only work great out of the box. It is also highly extensible. We have created a bunch of custom RT extensions for custom applications.


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