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O+P OSS projects

Both in system management as and in software development at OETIKER+PARTNER AG we use almost exclusively Open Source tools and software libraries.

It's important to us not only to benefit from, but also to contribute to Open Source Software. Over the years we have implemented various Open Source projects.

Whenever possible we try to contribute code developed in customer projects to related Open Source projects, often by supplying patches to the authors of the software.

Sometimes we can even publish complete applications developed for a customer under an Open Source license. The most prominent example being Extopus which we implemented for UPC Cablecom.

Open Source Software is often related to individual people. Our most prominent employee in this respect is Tobias Oetiker. He is the architect and main developer of most of our Open Source products. With MRTG he laid the foundation of our portfolio already in 1994.


RRDtool is the Open Source industry standard for high performance data logging and graphing of time series data.


Multi Router Traffic Grapher, ist ein Programm zur grafischen Darstellung von Messwerten auf Web-Seiten, ursprünglich entwickelt für die Messung von Netzwerkverkehr.

Mittlerweile wird MRTG zur Visualisierung vielerlei Daten verwendet: von der Temperatur im Serverraum bis zur Anzahl der eingehenden Spam-Mails am Tag.


SmokePing keeps track of your network latency.



Extopus ermöglicht mit seiner Plug-in Architektur die einfache Integration verschiedener Monitoring-System in ein einheitliches, web-basiertes Benutzer-Interface.



remOcular provides a AJAX web interface to Unix command line tools like traceroute, top, mpstat, ... 


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