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Product evaluation

You want to organize procurements with sustainable benefits?

We support you withour dependency on vendors and manufacturers with the creation of requirement specifications and the evaluation of proposals and quotes concerning hardware and software.

Specification of solutions

You are looking for or planning a new IT solution for your organization or want to extend or replace an existing solution?

We provide you with an unbiased view from "the outside" and offer to act as sparring partners in order to realize your ideas or to develop an appropriate IT architecture for you.


You want to secure your infrastructure and your data against loss, failure, manipulation and abuse?

We assist you in the evaluation of risks in the field of IT and information security and with the development of concepts for ensuring availability of your business critical processes.

OSS Services

You want to use open source software within your organization and need commercial support?

We can provide services for installation, configuration, and modification as well as 3rd-level support.

IT organization

You want your organization to provide customer and user oriented services?

We advise and support you in the development and optimization of the structures and processes of your organization and coach you in your leadership.

Project coaching

You want the projects that you assign, manage or are working in to be completed successfully on specs, on time, and on budget?

We coach you in the functions of project owner, project manager, or project staff.


You have a computer problem and are looking for help?

We will support you in finding a solution.


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