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Sucessful concepts prevail in the IT world, even though the techniques and programming languages evolve. 

We provide training for the concepts, programming languages, and approaches to soft skills which we use in our daily work.

One of the reasons for the success of our IT projects is that we pay attention to the needs and wishes of the people using our systems. This aspect is part of our trainings.


We have just renovated our website. Unfortunately, not all the pages have been translated yet. Please refer to the German version of this page in the meantime.


Perl is an every purpose programming language. A scripting language for faster development of effective programs. Perl is used for a wide range of tasks including system administration, web development, network programming, and GUI development.


Thanks to JavaScript, web pages become interactive and thus "communicate" directly with the user. JavaScript is the core element of modern websites and is instrumental for presenting contents attractively and understandably.

JavaScript application development

qooxdoo is a universal JavaScript OO framework with a coherent set of individual components and a powerful toolchain. Together we work out how you can easily use it to implement even complex web applications.


C is one of the oldest programming languages ??in use today.  Modern programming languages ??such as PHP, Java, or C++ are based on it's concepts and language features.

C is fast, stable, close to hardware and available practically on any platform.


We offer Linux courses for users and system managers.

System management

System management concepts that will enable you to maintain even larger IT environments efficiently.

SQL databases

Database design and datenbase queries with SQL.

LaTeX text processing

{\mathrm  {L\!\!^{{{}_{{\scriptstyle A}}}}\!\!\!\!\!\;\;T\!_{{\displaystyle E}}\!X}} is known above all as a typesetting system for scientific publications, comparable to a text processing system. In addition, it is also a widely used system for production of books. However, it can also be used for ordinary documents.


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