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Samuel Amoser

Samuel Amoser
  +41 62 775 9916

For more than 15 years I worked in the engineering industry as a software developer. I specialized graphical user interfaces and backend code. The collaboration with the experts from the engineering side was an important part of my work, because I wanted my product to appear simple and accessible to users while still enabling them to perform complex tasks.

The Linux world has fascinated me for many years, however, until now I could not use my skills at work. Therefore I am extraordinarily pleased to be able to finally jump in at the deep end since I joined OETIKER + PARTNER. Furthermore I am looking forward to bring my UI design skills into the mix of talents.


What I am

Father, husband, home maker, cyclists, train rider, motorists, bon vivant, France lover, wine enthusiast, carrying consultant, walker, biker, sandpit specialist, lawn mower driver, pizza eater, water drinker, coffee drinker, non smoker.

And sometimes simply human.


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