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As a small group we are optimally positioned to take the needs of our customers into account.

All of our employees have a wide range of experiences. Our activities in the operation of IT infrastructure (system management) and user support allows us to also consider these aspects in software development.

Especially for smaller projects, it is often the case that the customer is always in contact with the same person, from pre-sales engineering to implementation and support. Thus we keep communication lines short and the chances for misunderstandings small.

In addition to IT specific issues our dealing with each other and with our customers are a central concern. We maintain and develop our capabilities in the areas of project management and human resources and organizational development with regular internal and external training.

Samuel Amoser

Frippery is not my thing. I like simple products that leave a good impression and have a great benefit.

Matthias Bloch

I like to develop solutions together with other people to make life and work easier and more enjoyable. Computers are a fascinating tool for that.

Manuel Oetiker

My goal is that IT is a useful tool that supports the users when working on their projects.

Tobias Oetiker

My favorite activity: developing systems that are beautiful from the outside as well as on the inside.

Tobias Zanola

Service und Dienstleistung steht für mich im Vordergrund - spür- aber unsichtbar.

Fritz Zaucker

My job satisfaction comes from working with other people over and over again in new areas.


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