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Tobi Bossert

Tobi Bossert
  +41 62 775 9915

During my bachelor's degree in computer science at the University of Applied Sciences in Brugg (FHNW), I was able to build a versatile foundation in the fields of Data Science, System Management as well as Application Development.

Already during my apprenticeship as an electrician, I was very interested in the field of computer science. Back then, I used these synergies to realize small projects of my own. To further develop this passion I then decided to study computer science. I am fascinated by the incredible range of possibilities that are open to you as a user of this tool. From this point of view, a piece of software is always a result of a process that requires creativity, inventiveness and perseverance - this is exactly what I love to do!

I am: a friend of beautiful software, tinkerer, electrician, hobby carpenter, nature lover, privacy activist, sometimes maybe a bit detail-oriented, Linux user and fan of the open-source/open-science philosophy.


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