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Help to ensure the continued support and maintenance of our Open Source tools.

Our Open Source projects are to a large extent based on work that is provided by us and others in their leisure time. The contributions of our sponsors will help that we can devote more time for the maintenance and further development of the products.

Gold Sponsor

  • Contribution: USD 10,000 / year
  • You fund several weeks of project management.
  • Your company logo appears in the navigation bar of the relevant website of the respective project. Visible for 20k to 250k page views per month, depending on the project.
  • Limited to two gold sponsors per project.

Silver Sponsor

  • Contribution: USD 1,000 / year
  • You support many hours of project work.
  • Your company logo appears on the sponsor page of the project website .


  • Any type of donation (PayPal, Wishlist , ...)
  • Your name and your donation will be listed on the appreciators page.

We'll be happy to answer your questions regarding sponsorship.

Sponsors in 2017

Company RRDtool SmokePing MRTG
SwiNOG Silver    

Sponsors in 2016

Company RRDtool SmokePing MRTG
GroundWork Inc Gold    
Intuix LLC  


IRIS Network Systems PTY Silver    
PSW GROUP GmbH & Co. KG, Germany Silver Silver Silver
SwiNOG Silver    
Cameleon John Silver    
open systems ag, Switzerland Silver    
XORUX Silver    
HOST EUROPE Silver    
Wuerth Phoenix S.r.l., Italy Silver    
Riedo Neworks Ltd Silver    
TOBI.COM     Silver


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