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OSS projects

MRTG, RRDTool, SmokePing, Extopus, ...,,,

  • From Postcard/books/CDs/DVDs-ware to fully customer paid
  • Sponsored for maintenance, mailing list support, conference attendence
  • Customer funded extension

RRDTool 2

  • Complete re-write
  • About as old as Perl 6 in 2002
  • To be released at Christmas
  • Fully customer funded (if the customer still remembers ...)

Customer projects


  • Started with CGI-based, generated HTML with GEneric DAtabase FrontEnd
  • Handgenerated JavaScript Frontend with Qooxdoo framework with Mojolicious backend
  • Now (or in the real near future ...): backend controlled frontend generation (callbackery)
  • Real men don't use ORMs


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